Listing tips

We suggest doing a listing per standard and level that you cover. Think of it as an advert for one of your EPA services.

Type of listing - daily or per assessment

Title - make it attention grabbing and obvious what standard you are assessing and the level

Description - think of this as an advert so....why EPAOs should contact you? Detail the service or services you offer and your expertise. This should be treated as a summary of your profile.

Availability - when you’re available and with what frequency, make sure to update this regularly if it changes often

Travel - Detail the regions you cover, if you’re prepared to travel further and if you can do overnight stays

Details of Occupational Competence - the elephant so often in the room! Be specific and explicit related about the occupational competence you hold related to the standard you’re advertising. Be sure to mention how recent that experience is!

Check out the guidelines for your chosen standard here if you need a reminder

Vocational and  Academic Qualifications - outline all relevant details

Membership of Professional Bodies - self explanatory, keep it relevant to the standard you're assessing.

Level - level of standard (this is used in search)

Location - you can enter a town, city, region or postcode

Image - you can leave this blank but your profile won’t stand out! Use your company logo, a picture of you, or design something specific to catch the eye. (Hint: use the free tool to create something bespoke and eye-catching!)

Don't forget, you can edit your listings whenever you like!

Happy fishing!